We are Cosmo
We are Cosmo

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We are Cosmo

We develop young people in the world of hospitality. In the Netherlands and Spain we provide educations, trainings, traineeships, workexperience and jobs.

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hotel entertainer
Experienced Hotel Entertainer
Entertainer with flair for languages
Entertainer with flair for languages
Hotel Sports Entertainer

Cosmo, the educator in hospitality
Hospitality staff

Well educated and trained staff

“ We received fantastic reactions from the guests regarding the entertainment team, so they are obviously very satisfied with the Cosmo entertainment. ”

  • Sandy Troost
  • Ardoer camping Julianahoeve
We really enjoyed ourselves!

"We thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiastic Cosmo animation (in Club Martha's). The team for the kids, Denise en Wes, radiated enthusiasm and pleasure. It was great for the kids!"

  • Dennis van Kesteren
  • Guest Hotel Club Martha's

“ I am responsible for the Supervision of the trainees and employees of Cosmo and I love to see their devolopment during the season. They are the ones who make sure that the guests have an unforgetteble vacation. I Love my job!"  ”

  • Esther Den Broeder
  • Supervisor
Entertainer Jelle
“My time abroad was awesome. I’ve developed many personal skills here, such as independence and responsibility. My language skills also improved a lot. I look back on this adventure with great pleasure, together with the people I’ve met. I still see them often. I can highly recommend this experience!”
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