We are Cosmo
We are Cosmo

Hospitality according to Cosmo

How does Cosmo view the values and attitudes that define Hospitality? These values inspire Cosmo to use every opportunity to get the best out of ourselves. We stimulate others to do this too. Making mistakes is allowed and these moments are taken in hand and are used as learning opportunities.

Sincere friendliness: “Making real contact. With a smile”

  • Our greetings are sincere and friendly.
  • We make eye contact and greet.
  • We listen with interest.

Isabelle van Aarle, a Cosmo Board Member:

“In de Hospitality branch, you come into contact with a variety of people. Everyone of them has their own wishes and expectations. It is not possible to please everyone perfectly. You can treat others with respect though. How? By being sincere and friendly. That means giving others your full attention and listening to them. You try to think beyond your own boundaries, you listen and are transparent in your communication which enables you to anticipate the needs of others. That does not mean that you should become subservient or that another man’s will is the law. On the contrary, when the other person realises that you are listening to their story, you show them respect. Saying ‘no’ is also part of being transparent in what is possible”.
According to Isabelle, being ‘friendly’ comes from a few basic things like making contact, verbally or non-verbally, having eye contact and an open attitude. In short, being discernible and helpful. “You let people see that you are approachable and available to attend to their requirements. You are open for feedback, even if you do not agree with them. Be concise, fair and transparent. With a smile”.

Helpful: “Creating an environment where everyone feels safe and noticed”

  • We are discernible and approachable.
  • Our knowledge is up to date.
  • We anticipate and adjust to the situation.
  • We are flexible.
  • We go that extra mile.

Marieke Schimmel, a teacher at Cosmo Academy:

Marieke demonstrates helpfulness by really seeing the student. “I anticipate the behaviour that students express. Therefore I observe the whole group, the total picture, and how an individual student relates to this. How is the ambience in the group? I want to create an environment where students can feel safe and are then able to learn. Helpfulness means: that someone is aware that their story is being heard by repeating what has been told”.
“As a coach, my helpfulness goes a step further. Not that I am going to do someone else’s work or solve their problems. I let the students take responsibility of their own situation. I listen, demonstrate genuine concern by sending an app, phoning or thinking on the same lines. Students need to feel confident enough to approach me with their stories. I can guide them in an acceptable and professional manner”.
Being helpful also means addressing the negative behaviour. By addressing them on their speech and behaviour, you make them aware of the negative influences that are projected onto others. Changes occur with a new awareness.

Positive: “With a smile, friendly gesture or a carefree chat, we give it a positive twist”

  • Our glass is half full: we look at it from a sunny perspective and look for possibilities and chances.

Roger van Oosterhout is a Cosmo practical trainer and supervisor:

Roger takes care of the practical lessons and the trainees at Cosmo Academy. According to Roger, positivity is a core quality you should have whilst working within the recreation branch. “The Leisure world thrives on positive energy. People enjoy their leisure time and it is your task, as a member of staff, to ensure that the guests have a good time. You also work in a team. Walking around with a long face affects the ambiance in no time. A smile, a friendly gesture, or a carefree chat has a positive effect”.
“When I stand in front of the class, I am enthusiastic about the subject. I share with them my insights about the pleasant and unpleasant sides of it. With mundane conversations, you don’t create a realistic picture. I do try to offer insights as to how to handle unpleasant experiences in a positive way”.

Transparent: “We choose for open communication”

  • We practice what we preach.
  • We are open for communication.
  • We are sincere.

Ester den Broeder is a Cosmo Practical Trainer. She gives class instructions, guides and coaches trainees on the vacation parks:

“Transparent means: honouring commitments. You practice what you preach. It emphasizes your credibility and creates confidence in your relationship with students, contractors and colleagues. Above all, it promotes the ambience within a group. Be open and concise in your communication. Even if it is bothersome news. Try not to dance around it. Dare to take the bull by the horns. This way you avoid commotion”.
Transparency is also related to Hospitality. “This morning I welcomed the new Team Leader to the park the Cosmo way. This is how it is done: with two feet on the ground, a straight back and shoulders, a smile on the face and a clear message that is conveyed in an understandable and direct manner. I approached him and received him with a warm welcome. It was good for him to know who he could approach with his queries, especially on the first day, which can be unnerving”.

Pleasure: “By being happy, we make it pleasurable for ourselves and for others”

  • What we do we enjoy and we radiate this.
  • We have fun.

Arthur Spanjer, student/trainee at Cosmo Academy:

“I have been doing my practical training at one of the Oostappen Group Vacation Parks in Belgium since May. I work in the entertainment team and take care of the activities and games for the guests. I also work in the catering. Chatting to the guests is one of the most important aspects of this job. I promote the program and I check with the guests as to what they like and if changes need to be made to what is offered in the line of activities”.
“I approach people with pleasure and by being happy, you not only make it pleasant for yourself, but also for others. Every day you get the chance to make things pleasurable for yourself, the guests and your team. Laughing together is a part of it. What you give, you also receive. Guests are here to enjoy their vacation. It is wonderful to be a part of this and this way you experience pleasure too”.
“I find it important to be able to empathise with the guests and know what they believe to be a good vacation is. A revived program at different places offers a good variety of activities. I thoroughly enjoy doing that too. The fact is, if I don’t enjoy my work, then I am not working at the right place. You need to enjoy taking part in activities with kids and adults to ensure that they experience pleasure. That makes you a top entertainer!”

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