We are Cosmo
We are Cosmo


Yvonne Verhoeven en Frank Heijckmann are the founders of Cosmo. Having completed a study MTRO (a tourism and recreational college course), Yvonne didn’t let the grass grow over and began working straight away as an entertainer in Mallorca. Entertainment at that time did not have the same quality as it does now. After a year of hard work, lots of fun and pleasure, she knew what her calling was. Her passion was being of service to the vacation guests. She saw the possibilities and opportunities in raising the level of quality in the recreational and touristic branch. She could and would make a difference.

Together with her partner Frank, they set up Cosmo Entertainment in 1996. This was her own entertainment organisation in Mallorca. The start of what would then grow to become Cosmo.

In 2007 she decided to deal with the level of quality by working from and at the core of the branch: educating hospitality staff. Welcome to the Cosmo Academy!

In 2013, TUI Hospitality Academy was set up in collaboration with the TUI travel agency. Discover your smile!
From the start of Cosmo, the focus has always been the connection of the business world with well qualified staff. With this focus, we hope that we can add more beautiful milestones to our story.
Hospitality starts with us!

“It is a privilege to work with young talent and to see how they develop into young professionals with strong personalities.”
- Yvonne Verhoeven

Cosmo, the educator in hospitality
Hospitality staff
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